Post-Election Coping: Three Stages

It’s been nearly six months since Election Day, and I’ve been through three stages of coping. Here they are …

First, there was powering through. The morning after the election, the work on my plate was just the same as the day before. So I got to work. Managed a team, led my organization through planning our national events in DC, and strategized about how we would show up in the world post-Obama.

Fortunately, the holidays intervened to give us all a reprieve, a moment to breathe before the transition from Barack Obama to Donald Trump.

That’s when my second phase of coping began. Mostly, it involved alternating between days of feeling super strong, when I did yoga, meditated, protested, organized, connected. Until the days when I felt lost, binge watched TV, napped and generally felt lost and unproductive.

But now, I’m in a new and fascinating third phase.

The best word I can think of to describe it is tribal. Movies with all white leads, no thanks. Books reflecting no immigrant or people of color experiences, no thanks. I’ve never been a wallflower, but now, whenever I see something, I say something. All white manels. Stereotypical comments about women. It’s not always polite, either. I’m like a lioness defending her cubs. A brown immigrant woman roaring at every insensitive comment or action. It might get tiring but for now, it’s super satisfying.



Restless citizen. Writer, keynote speaker, TED Alumna. Check out my book People Like Us —

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